How To...

For optimal performance, it will be necessary to download the most current version of Microsoft's Powerpoint 2010 Viewer. Microsoft's Powerpoint viewer will allow you to work through the presentation in a comfortable and digestible way.

Click here to visit Microsoft's download center, or search for Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 viewer download at your favorite Search Engine.

Once you have downloaded and have installed Microsoft's Powerpoint 2010 viewer, click the link below to access the presentation.

Download Part 1 of Emerald’s Website Companion

Download Part 2 of Emerald’s Website Companion

To Download:

  • Click the link above
  • A box will appear that may show, "Open", "Find", "Save"
  • Chose "Save"
  • Place the downloaded presentation in your favorite folder
  • Once downloaded you should be able to click on the presentation to view it in Microsoft's Powerpoint 2010 Viewer
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