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Over the years, we've found that most site owners have similar questions. Scan the titles and see if your question is on the list. We recommend watching the video, when possible.

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Website Setup Tutorial Videos
Domain Name Management
HTML Editor
Web Site
Web Site Admin
Seminar Center

Website Setup Tutorial Videos

Introduction to the Website Administrator Video Tutorial

Site Basics Video Tutorial

My Company Info Video Tutorial

Custom Pages Video Tutorial

Content Selection Video Tutorial

Other Features Video Tutorial

Reports Video Tutorial

Domain Name Management

DNS (Domain Name Servers) set up instructions for Advisor Sites

HTML Editor

Copy/paste from Word Video Tutorial
Copy and paste in the web world is a bit different. Watch and learn how you can "clean up" text before pasting the information into your site.

Insert special characters
Need a ™ or ® symbol? You can add these and many other symbols easily with the text edit toolbar symbols and special characters button.

Inserting tables
This advanced feature is offered to allow users who are comfortable with working in tables to create and modify a table for use on their website. The feature allows users to enter the number of desired columns and rows to enter data. It also allows customers to align the data in each cell.

WYSIWYG, an acronym for "What you see is what you get," is a powerful tool connected to your web site. Learn how these various icons will help you add customized features and a personal touch to your site.


Recommended image sizes PDF Document

Upload a home page picture Video Tutorial
Placing a picture on your home page is simple. Watch this short video and learn how to change your site.

Add images to custom pages Video Tutorial
The old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is critical when it comes to your site. An image adds a personal touch that helps your site connect with clients and prospects. Watch and learn how to add an image to a custom page.

Resize images Video Tutorial
The number one issue for web site owners is, "My photo is too big."
No problem. Your biggest job is getting your image to your computer. Once it is on your hard drive, click "Browse..." and search your computer for the image. Next click "Submit" and you will be taken to an online editor that will allow you to resize and crop the image.

Create a hyperlink from an image Video Tutorial


Create anchor links
Anchor links allow you to jump to different locations on a given page. For example, when you have a list of questions at the top of a page, anchor links can be used to jump down the page to the answer.

Add URL links to your site
Often, financial professionals want clients and prospects to have easy access to other web sites. The Wall Street Journal, for example, is a popular choice.

Create hyperlinks to another web site on a custom page Video Tutorial

Create a featured link Video Tutorial

Link to a document on a custom page Video Tutorial

Link a single PDF file to a link under the About Us section Video Tutorial

Web Site

Your site's on/off switch Video Tutorial
Is your site on? Simple question, not so simple answer unless you know where to look. Watch and learn about the location of your site's on/off switch.

Check your site's status Video Tutorial
We operate in a compliance world and when it comes to your web site, compliance often has the last say. When you make changes to your site, most often compliance must OK the new material before it becomes part of the live site. Watch and learn how to check the status of your site changes.

Minimalist Styles

Modify email for contact us form Video Tutorial
You want to know how has visited your site — especially those visitors who took the time to fill out a "Contact Us" form. Watch and learn how to add your email address so you are notified immediately after someone completes a form.

Check compliance status Video Tutorial

Reactivate your web site Video Tutorial
How to reactivate your site if it has been off for a month or more.

FAQ: SEO-friendly page URLs PDF Document

Web Site Admin

Add a seminar to your web site Video Tutorial
Your site can be a powerful marketing tool that can promote your financial practice. For example, if you are planning a seminar event, why not post it on your web site? Watch and learn the steps you take to add a seminar to your web site.

Access the message log in the admin Video Tutorial

Password protect up to two custom pages Video Tutorial

Modify the home page text Video Tutorial
Your home page text says a lot about your firm and your approach. More importantly, the text can include some personal information about your interests and hobbies. Watch and learn how to modify text.

Change the size of your site title and site subtitle sections
Just like when you are preparing a document to meet with a client or prospect, you may want to change the size of your site title to draw more attention to your firm's name.

Add your company name to your site Video Tutorial

Affiliated offices Video Tutorial
Many financial professionals are connected to more than one office location. Watch and learn how you can add one or more affiliated offices to your site.

Calculators Video Tutorial
How long before I have a million dollars? How much do I need to save for retirement? Questions that clients and prospects want quick answers to. Questions that can lead to longer, more involved discussions on personal finances. Watch and learn how to use the calculators on your site.

E-Seminars Video Tutorial

Web site traffic Video Tutorial

Research articles Video Tutorial
Does a client or prospect have a question about a particular financial product or service? Your site has the answer. Watch and learn how scores of research articles can help you explain a concept or idea.

Select a masthead Video Tutorial
The masthead you pick is the first step in personalizing the look and feel of your web site. Watch and learn how to select a masthead for your site.

Upload a custom masthead Video Tutorial

Seminar Center

Getting started with the Seminar Center Video Tutorial


Setting Up Your Email Client

Updating Your Email Client Settings

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