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Marketing Tip: The Missing Link

In the previous issue, we discussed using links to help increase your Google rating. Even if Google isn’t part of your marketing strategy, links can help you market your site in different ways.

One way of looking at the entire Internet is as a collection or "Web" of links. Much the way your brain has an easier time remembering information that is linked to other information, your Web site stands a better chance of getting noticed the more it's linked to other sites. Exchange links with colleagues, other industry professionals, and anyone with whom you have a business relationship.

Also think about the type of information the average visitor to your site might be interested in and link to it. Don't worry if some of these sites don’t link back to you. Focus on building a good library of links containing information that might be useful to your clients and prospects. If users know they can find a wealth of relevant links on your site, they might come to you as a starting point for their Web surfing.

Consider links as conduits or doors to your Web site. The more ways of getting to your site, the better.

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