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Change the Size of Your Site Title and Site Subtitle Sections

Just like when you are preparing a document to meet with a client or prospect, you may want to change the size of your site title to draw more attention to your firm's name.

Here are some simple HTML codes to adjust your Site Title and Subtitle.

The "Site Title" and "Site Subtitle" require HTML codes to change the size of the letters.

Use the following codes:
To change the size, first login to your Web Site Admin at

Click "My Company Info" (left-hand side), then click "Site Title" or "Site Subtitle."

In the new contents area, use the following code:
<font size=4>Site Title Text</font>

For Site Title:
<font size=5>Smith and Jones Financial Consultants</font>

For Site Subtitle
<font size=3>In Business to Help You with Your Finances</font>

By experimenting with the size (i.e., number) of the font, you can arrange a perfect fit if you think the lettering is initially too big or too small.

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