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You will need to do some prep work on your site to optimize your chances for prospects and clients to find you.

First Step: Create keywords and a site description.

  • Under "Web Site Administration," click on "My Company Info." Then click on "Keywords (meta tag)" to enter site keywords and "Site description (meta tag)" to enter and a brief description of your Web site.
  • Keywords should consist of meaningful words and phrases that sum up what your Web site provides and should, if done correctly, match the words entered by a prospective client using a search engine (more on this soon). These words and phrases will be invisible on your Web site's home page, but very important in driving traffic to your Web site. The more specific and accurate your keywords are, the better your chances are of being found.

Keywords Example
Site Description Example

When you are finished entering your keywords and site description, click "Save Changes," and then "Update Site" to send your Web site to compliance for approval.

You now need to register your Web site with a Search Engine once your Web site has been approved by compliance. Most of the more popular search engines send out "crawlers" that will search through hundreds of thousands of Web sites to find those featuring the keywords entered by a user (which you've done in the Emerald tool).

The following is a list of some of the most popular Internet search engines:

Please note that neither Emerald nor your broker/dealer endorse, nor are they responsible for the support of, any directories with which an Agent or Office chooses to register a web site.

Click on any of the above links and follow the instructions provided. In most cases, all you will need to do is enter your Web address (most search engines refer to them as "URLs") and e-mail address.

Once your Web site has been registered with one or more search engines, clients and prospects can easily find you (it takes an average of 4-6 weeks for a Web site to be included in a search engine, so please be patient). You may submit your Web site to as many search engines as you'd like, but one or two usually does the trick. Keep in mind, however, that no guarantee can be made of exactly where in the search results your Web site will appear.

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Popular search engine submission pages:

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