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Email Signatures
Much of your contact with clients and prospects is done via e-mail. The easiest way to get a contact to go to your Web site is by making it easy for them to access your site. This is done with an e-mail signature. It is an attachment at the end of your outbound e-mails. Almost all e-mail programs have this feature available.

Search Engines
You will need to do some prep work on your site to optimize your chances for prospects and clients to find you.

Other Ideas
List your Web address everywhere your name appears.

The Missing Link
Even if Google isn’t part of your marketing strategy, links can help you market your site in different ways.

Get on Google
Did you know that about half of all Web searches in the United States are conducted with the Google search engine? If you are interested in increasing traffic to your Web site, these tips may help boost your site’s visibility in Google search results.

Get Published
One great way to increase your Web presence is to publish financial articles you may have written with various online publications.

Web Site Postcards
Click each thumbnail to open the template in Microsoft Word format.

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