Website Custom Design Services

Custom Site Builds Starting at $6,700

  • Custom Design Includes a mock up of home page, basic sub page, team and bio pages (up to 10 members), contact page, and up to 5 custom designed pages. 2 rounds of design revisions and 2 rounds of development revisions.
  • Masthead One image throughout whole site. Mastheads are static images.
  • Top Callout Includes one catch phrase and a basic custom callout button.
  • BodyIncludes default content area and default sidebar section. *Custom 100% width content area with no sidebar is optional.
  • Bottom CalloutIncludes one catch phrase and a basic custom callout button.
  • Sub Footer Custom footer sections (up to 4 sections with custom content)
  • Footer Includes default disclaimer with optional contact information.
  • Background Includes either 1 custom full page image, tiled pattern or custom background color.
  • Typography Create visual website depth by adding custom text color and using interesting font styles. Additional fonts are available via Google Fonts.
  • Navigation Styling of the default navigation element that is provided with the template.

Your website is the hub of your marketing plan and should be an extension of your business. Your dream of how you want your website to look or perform can be your reality with Emerald's new Website Custom Design Services.

Our team can create a complete custom design solution for clients wanting to enhance the look and feel of their website, beyond what our standard website templates offer.

Whether it's integrating your logo into your site masthead or something more complex like a custom color scheme with full background imagery, our talented web designers are ready to work with you to ensure your site is a reflection of your business.

Please contact custom services at 1-800-233-2834 for a quick quote.

Pricing Information

Custom design services are only available to existing Emerald website customers. Fees for custom services are in addition to any current charges associated with your website. Your website monthly hosting fee does not change by ordering custom services. Additional fees may apply to projects where features/details are added outside the original project scope.


Current compliance practices apply. If you currently have a compliance manager associated with your site, changes will not go live until they are approved. If you are unsure regarding your compliance department's position on the enhancements you would like to make to your site, please contact them for preapproval.

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Note: Emerald does not support the Internet Explorer 6 browser for site customization.